A sleepy cloud that every room he walks into he change the atmosphere in to calm and cozy. 

Honey bunny

A wise travel-buff that has been everywhere. With her story telling she will take you wherever you wanna go. 


A tiny & shy tear drop that may look naive but behind her soft skin you'll be surprised to find a sharp, intelligent drop.

The Iceberg brothers

Sweet, happy triplets brothers that like to do everything together and at the same time. So if one of them is talking, blinking or laughing the other two join to the party.   



A multitasking octopus that loves playing with water, soap and bubbles. He could be very handy in case you'll need extra help with showering your cute little baby. 

Baby Bowie

This punk little bird is the artist of the team. He follows no rule, has individual spirit and anytime he can he will share his ideas and Inspire others by being true to himself.